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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Yellow Horse Trading Post

We're running from the snow storm that's dropping over a foot of the white stuff on Colorado. We escaped just in time. Spent the last night in an RV resort just outside of Santa Fe NM and drove out from under some really nasty looking snow clouds.

We stopped this afternoon at Yellow Horse trading post just a few miles West of Gallup NM. I think we're actually in Arizona now. Hard to tell....

Anyway, I've always wanted to stop at this place. I past it back in 1982 the first time I drove across the country and I've always wondered what I had missed. Some mysteries are better left unsolved. We bought some stuff anyway and had fun. Levon really likes his little wooden tomahawk.

Later that day the storm caught up to us in Flagstaff where we white-knuckled it down the 17 towards Phoenix in a heavy snow blizzard. Phoenix was clear and sunny and we spent the night at a "seniors only" RV park. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't convince the very nice lady at the desk that I had just turned 65 last week.


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