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Saturday, February 25, 2012

More Port Townsend

Well we've been here for about a week and we're currently renting a little cabin at North Beach near Fort Worden. It's just a couple miles out of town and very quiet.

We visited with the very nice folks over at Rosewind cohousing last Thursday evening for their potluck dinner. I insisted we bring "meat" lasagna, good thing since everything else was veggie. Do I know cohousing communities or what...

We spent the afternoon exploring Fort Worden park which is right next next door to where we're staying. There are dozens of old artillery batteries located around the edge of the water and on top of the hills. Really fun places for the boys to explore. Next time we're bringing a flashlight as there are a lot of very dark rooms buried deep in the hillside we want to check out.

Here's a link to more pics:


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