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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ezzy's Ride

Our cousins in Colorado have a cool quad that Ezzy loves to ride. Here's a couple pics and a link to a video.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Pagosa Spings Folk and Bluegrass

Spent a week in Pagosa Springs Colorado at the Folk and Bluegrass Festival. The first 3 days was a "Jam Camp" where I got to hang out and play banjo all day long. The organizers broke us into 4 band groups and we had to practice and learn 2 songs that we would have to perform onstage at the end of the camp. 

I got grouped in with a bunch of really fun and wonderful musicians and we jammed into the night for 3 straight days. Had the best time ever!! Being on stage was really cool, and I managed to pull off my breaks without too many mistakes. Can't wait for next year.

We met a lot of really great friends and had fun hanging out, listening to music and going to the Hot Springs. I really didn't want it to end. Ezzy and Levon made some new friends and spent a lot of time playing LEGOs in our dome awning. Here's a shot of two really filthy friends, Ezzy and Dillon. 


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Final Campout in Washington

Ezzy had a final overnight camp out on Marrowstone Island with friends. This was part of the weekly nature hike he was doing with a group of naturalists and about 25 kids every Friday. He really had a blast doing the hikes -- rain or shine.

As usual it rained a bit in the evening and Ezzy and his friends forgot to zip up the front of their tent, so they got to spend a very cold and wet night in their tent. Ezzy told me he likes camping in our little r-pod better.

We crossed the over to Seattle fro the last time as we start to make our way down to Pagosa Springs Colorado for a Bluegrass Festival.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Unschooling Conference in Vancouver

I'm running a full month behind on my blog posts so bear with me. I'm going to try and keep these short...

We went to the "Life is Good" Unschooling conference in Vancouver Washington the weekend of May 24th-27th. We all had a great time and there was lots of really awesome activities for the boys. By the time we left they were exhausted from nerf wars, capture the flag, swimming and endless hours of mine craft.

Here's the link to the conference so you can sign up for next year!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Bed Races

What's a bed race you ask? It's a very serious event where competing teams must construct their own custom race vehicles following very ridged and strict guidelines to insure both safety and high performance for all the competitors. Or in this case, simply slap together an old bed frame by attaching some discarded wheels and decorations.

However you must have 4 burly guys who can sprint at least 1 block and 1 passenger weighing at least 100 pounds or more. Stuffed animals are optional.

There is also a rigorous warm up routine prior to the race. All competitors and some spectators are required to complete the Macarena to ensure they don't pull a muscle during the run. And you don't take yourself too seriously.

For all you hard-core sport enthusiasts, the Port Townsend Track and field team won, best 2 out of 3.

Later today is the big Rhody Parade, and the mysterious "Running of the Balls". I know you can't wait to see what that is...


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rhody Fest Carnival

Opening day of the carnival at Jefferson Memorial field. This is where Ezzy has his soccer games. No games this week. The boys had a fun time and ran into lots of friends at the carnival.

The boys went right over to their favorite ride, the "Giant Slide". Ezzy really loved the bumper cars too!

Oh yea, it stays light here really late this time of year. I think it was about 8:00pm when I took these photos. We're having a hard time convincing them it's bed time when it's still bright at 9:00pm...


PT Pet Parade

The Children's Pet Parade is part of the week-long Rhododendron Festival (Rhody Fest) that happens every year in Port Townsend. 

There are dozens of events and activities; tricycle races, carnival, Kiddie parade, bike races, 17K run, bed races, running of the balls, fashions show, arts and crafts, spaghetti feed, pancake breakfast, flower show and home tours. Port Townsend knows how to throw a party!

The Pet parade was just blocks from our house in Uptown so we had to go. It was very fun. You can see our favorite little coffee shop (1012 Coffee) and Paula's yoga studio in the background behind the little girl on her pony. Later we went down to the carnival for rides and cotton candy!

Tomorrow is the kiddie parade and bed races. Looking forward to the bed races!!