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Friday, February 17, 2012

Eureka! We found a Denny's…

Well we left Ukiah this morning having spent the night in our deluxe Walmart parking lot campsite. It was bright and sunny, and we we're heading North into a rainstorm.

At lunch-time we found ourselves cruising through the armpit of Eureka CA. Now I say "armpit" with some hesitation, as I might be offending actual armpits everywhere. We looked for a little mom and pop burger place called "Deluxe Burger" suggested by our iphone, but it seems "Deluxe" was now "defunct".

Our search did turn up a Denny's. Not that any of us are big fans of Denny's, but at least it's a safe bet. Clean, well maintained, friendly and a broad selection of hideous sounding "scrambles" and "tangles" overly-cooked and swimming in a sweet greasy goo. On this point, the food did not disappoint. But the Eureka Denny's has got to be the most run-down, filthy-stepchild of the entire Denny's empire. I felt like I needed a shower and a bucket after we left. We can scratch Denny's off our list of things to do on this trip.

As the sun was going down we rolled into Grant Pass Oregon and found an RV park called "Joe Creek Waterfall RV Resort". We're going to take a walk in the morning to see the waterfall at "Jumpoff Joe Creek". It got it's name in the mid 1800's when "Joe" was being chased by a band of Indians and came to the bluff overlooking the falls. His friends yelled, "jump off Joe!" which he did. The indians didn't get him, but the fall did… No cliff diving for us I guess.


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