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Monday, February 27, 2012

Indianola and Trilium Sudbury

Today we visited the Trillium Sudbury in Indianola, took a quick side trip back over to Bainbridge Island and had a wonderful dinner in the common house over at Wise Acres Cohousing. It was a busy day! It was a very rare, warm day with the sun shining and no rain in sight.

The Trillium school is awesome. Ezzy and Levon got right to work playing with a bunch of new friends. Some of whom live at Wise Acres Cohousing so the play extended well into the night. Ezzy said this was one of his favorite days up here so far. Levon definitely had fun as he barely made it out of the driveway at Wise Acres before he was sound asleep.

Bainbridge was very nice and we'll undoubtedly make it back down there for another, longer visit. I think we have plans next week to have dinner at Winslow Cohousing. We're meeting a ton of very nice and very cool folks up here.


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