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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wolf and Wildlife Center

The boys and I had a great day touring the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center. It's a beautiful place. Here's their mission:

- Educate the public through tours and programs about the importance of Wolves, Coyote and Fox to our eco-system.

- Educate the public about the importance of Preservation and Conservation of the forests, land and water that supports wildlife, flora and fauna for futuregenerations to enjoy.

- Provide natural habitats and exceptional lives for the animals entrusted to our care since they cannot live in the wild.

We heard the stories of each of the animals they care for, some of which were saved from "canned hunts "(where the animal is placed in an area for the hunter), fur factories, and animals used as photo models who weren't "perfect" enough for calendar covers. Many of them are very socialized with humans and just seemed like sweet, cuddly animals, but we didn't get close enough to find out how cuddly.


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