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Monday, January 2, 2012

Fun stuff...

We went bowling on Thursday night. Levon won the first game - he's an ace-in-the-hole with a ramp and bumpers! Then Friday we went swimming (indoor, of course) at a place that has a water slide, wave pool, whirlpool and lazy river. Cousins Austin and Sean came to both and we all had a great time. The best part for me is that I didn't have to go into the water! Gotta love older, capable cousins! It sucks to forget the camera though. There's no visual record of these fun outings.

We did manage to get a picture of the boys in the hot tub. It was about 15 degrees out, but the tub was a warm 104. Ezzy and Levon jumped out of the tub and into the snow, just to try it out, at James' goading. They quickly learned that it's a very uncomfortable experience. And today Levon has a cold...hmmmm.

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