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Monday, January 2, 2012


Huh? What's that? I know many of our family and friends have questions (and concerns) about our choice to unschool. It is an unconventional approach, but one that we know is the right one for our family. So, what is it? It's a way of life for us. One in which we understand that learning is the byproduct of living and doesn't need to happen in a controlled or directed environment. Our children learn every day through experiencing the world and pursuing their interests. Our role is as their partner, their facilitator, to show them the world and support their choices.

We've realized that what matters most to us is that our children have freedom - true freedom. Freedom of choice, thought, movement, and freedom from imposed expectations and social norms, and especially freedom from the unconscious patterns of thinking and behavior that can be impressed into them through formal schooling. Who they are is formed by their own direction and choice, without the influence of other's desires or imposed measures of success, however well meaning or subtle.

If you have the time, you can watch this video to help you further understand unschooling. This woman, Astra Taylor, is amazing and was unschooled herself. She's a documentary film maker, and is clearly incredibly bright.

We hope everyone knows that our choices are not a judgment or criticism of other's choices. We see it this way -- we can affect only what we can affect. Through unschooling we've found freedom for our family and we have a truly joyful and fulfilling life for ourselves and our children. And if that joy ripples out to affect others experiences and initiate conversation and understanding about how to live differently and in a truly fulfilling way, we've done something useful.

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