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Monday, March 12, 2012

Eco Village

Spent yesterday visiting the Port Townsend Eco Village.

Gorgeous property! Really beautiful community with wonderful people. We had a chance to tour the grounds and meet everyone. I sat in on one of their monthly business meetings and later we shared a common meal, homemade blackberry wine and good conversation.

They have an enormous 2 story barn/shop/artist spaces on the property. They started construction a couple years ago and are still in the process of finishing the interior spaces. When completed it will be an amazing space and a huge gathering place for work, creativity and fun. Standing in the "great room" upstairs I could almost hear the caller yelling "dosey do" as the bluegrass band kicked into full gear!

The day was a mixture of rain and snow and I forgot my camera, so I borrowed a few pics from their site.

We'll be spending more time getting to know our new friends over at the Eco Village.


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  1. amazing, can't wait to visit you guys when you have moved there (hehe)Seriously, is there a better place? sending love, the Sovas