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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Best Gym in Port Townsend

Found this little gem hiding behind a coffee shop, video rental place and natural health and beauty shop. It's a no-frills 24 hour, let-yourself-in and lock-up-when-you-leave, mom and pop gym that has everything you need and nothing you don't. And if you think it looks small, you're right, I can touch the ceiling with my fingertips if I stretch a little. These pics represent the whole downstairs. The upstairs is about half as big with a couple of treadmills, a heavy bag and a speed bag.

The owner Dwayne, is in his 70's and looks like a strapping 50 year old! He's a welder and built most of the racks and equipment himself. This really is the "Best Gym in Port Townsend", I'd even go so far to say it the Best on the Olympic Peninsula!

There's a similar one in Grover Beach, CA that I used to go to. Complete with 1970's era posters of Arnold, Lou and Frank to inspire you to greatness!

Caity would love this place ;)

Ah... feels like heaven.


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