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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Santa Fe Church #2

We also visited the Loretto Chapel, a very cool gothic church built in the 1870's. This church's claim to faim is its "miraculous stairway". It's considered a miracle because the nuns of the church claim that a mysterious carpenter appeared and built the stairs without asking for payment and the wood used is of unknown origin.

Hmm.. a poor unassuming carpenter with magic powers and his own personal stash of mystical wood he happened to be carrying through the southwestern desert just in case he came upon someone in need of some free home remodeling... And giving his proximity to Mexico he must have had a spanish name; Jorge, Ignatio, Juan, maybe Jesus!

They were very cool none the less. Though all the boys wanted to do was climb them, and that will get you a quick rap on the knuckles by one of the sisters.

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