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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Colorado and SNOW!!!

We arrived in Colorado, and the boys can't keep their hands off the snow! They love it, and even old snow is fun snow. It snowed about a week before we got here, but the boys are enjoying what's left on the ground, though it doesn't form into a snowball at all - much to the boy's disappointment. We've assured them that we will definitely have a snow storm at some point while we're here. Levon's favorite thing about snow is it's edibility, and we've stressed repeatedly that discolored snow is best not eaten. Hopefully he's heeding our advice.

There is a very fun (and scary for mommy) tree fort here with a zip-line that starts about 20 feet up. Ezzy had a great run on it before James and Levon gave it a try. The cable broke seconds after this photo was taken. Fortunately James' feet were almost to the ground by that point. Whew. It could have been bad!

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