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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Marrowstone Island

Drove over to Marrowstone Island today. It was another beautiful sunny day and it's only about a 40 minute drive from Port Townsend. Marrowstone is one of two long skinny islands that are attached by a narrow low-lying sand bridge near the South end. They kind of look like a very stylized "U". It's sister island is Indian Island which is strictly military. It's used for munitions storage. There's a single road that takes you around the southern edge to Marrowstone. Both islands are connected to the peninsula by a small bridge (no ferry ride today). 

Lots of great hiking and the ubiquitous abandoned artillery batteries. I really love this island. There's a long narrow bay, protected from the wind, between the two islands with small rustic cottages dotting it's shores. I'm going to buy a house up here along the water some day. I may have found my retirement spot...

We spent the day with two of Ezzy and Levon's friends, Dante and Jacob, exploring the old batteries at Fort Flagler with our flashlights and walkie-talkies. These structures were pretty big, 3-stories in some places. Plus we discovered an awesome machine gun nest with a beautiful view of Port Townsend across the water.

More pics here: Marrowstone Island


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