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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


November 29th and we're settled in to our cozy beach house for the week. The sunset is beautiful and the waves, if not warm, are still pretty inviting.

The boys are excited to see their friend Max and to play in the sand and surf. Unloading "Foop" wasn't too bad, but I didn't have far to drag everything. Let's see how much of the stuff we brought we'll actually need as the weeks go by. My giant computer box is amazingly unwieldy and will probably give me a hernia before this trip is over, but I "need" everything in there to keep working.

Oh yea, the "high-speed" internet connection totally sucks here. Streaming Netflix is impossible and I'm starting to appreciate the 25 milla-somethings we had at Tierra Nueva. I hope this is not a trend.

We went to the open gymnastics in Carlsbad this afternoon. We took Ezzy there every week when we lived down here. This time it was Levon's turn to play. Ezzy was an amazing big brother -- as always. He wasn't allowed to play on any of the equipment because he was too old for the group, but he played with his little brother and spotted him on the balance beam, set up foam walls for him to break through as he dove into the pit and swung him on the rings like a seasoned coach. It's wonderful to watch the two of them.

Tomorrow we've planned to go the the Wild Animal Park all day.

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